Weekend Recap (7/30-7/31)

From the brilliant Oatmeal
This past weekend can be summed up by the word perseverance. We set out Saturday morning to tackle Glendora Mountain Road again. I was determined to successfully complete the climb as last time my shoulder had some serious issues that prompted me to turn at the 16 mile mark. I was certain that with my shoulder feeling 100% better, I'd have GMR in the bag. We were joined by Julia, who I met during my skydiving years at Skydive Elsinore. She's an accomplished triathlete and we were happy to have more company. I let Adam and Julia go ahead so I could work my way up the mountain at my own pace. I was only a few miles in when I began to feel disconnected. It was hot. I was sweating a lot. I was tapping into my bottles a lot. My heart rate kept spiking wildly. My muscles started to feel sluggish. I texted Adam that I was having a hard time and tried to squash my disappointment at myself and take my time. I knew it was taking me way too long and that I was going through too much water.

We met at the 10 mile mark and I let Adam and Julia know that I wasn't doing too well. I watched them zip off on their way and decided I'd keep going a bit more. By the time I crested the final long climb to mile 18.5 or so, I ran out of liquids. Excellent. I pride myself on being prepared, so my disappointment in my sluggish time was compounded by a total rookie move. Boo! Hiss! I knew Adam would be coming back down towards me shortly and was hoping he refilled both of his water bottles. Sure enough, after thirty minutes of trail-side pouting Adam rode into view. He tossed me a bottle of water and told me he really thought I could make it back down. GMR's not really the place you want to be stranded with heat exhaustion, so I thought about it. Wait for a ride or attempt to ride down? Eventually I got back on my bike and began the 18.5 ride back.

I was stunned - I felt fantastic! The wind was blowing a bit cooler air at me, I was descending more, I was climbing super strong, my heart rate was balanced and I texted Adam back a number of times to say I was on my way. I was relieved to finish the ride down! I am determined to go out there next time and make it the whole way. I feel like a wuss. A lot of people ride GMR, it's hard for me to not take it out on myself that I struggle with it. I will start earlier when it's cooler, bring more liquids and be mentally prepared to kick that mountains ass next time.
At least  it's beautiful!
Sunday we were supposed to open water swim, but since it was raining, we opted for an outside run and the pool instead. Our long run was scheduled as 90 minutes, the longest of our schedule yet! I needed to redeem myself from Saturday's mishap on GMR. Slow and steady I chugged out my miles. 90 minutes later, I was done! Sweaty, hot, and dirty - but done! Our long swim was a bit meh since the clock wasn't working and we weren't feeling it. All in all, a good weekend with some valuable lessons. As we head into the thick of our Half Ironman training, three principles stick out in my mind:
                         1.) If you're not having fun, it's not worth doing.
                         2.) Anything can be accomplished when broken down into tiny steps.
                         3.) Attitude is everything.


Julia said...

I love this blog! I agree that perseverance was the word of the day. You were so very close to the end, but you are right, you have to listen to your body. I was totally surprised when we saw you were out of water too - which shows something was really up with your body.
Lots of people do GMR, but nobody says it's easy. *Everyone* I know that does it does it because it kicks their a** into next week. And they are all very accomplished riders & climbers! I am glad you had such a nice ride down too. My ride down was so much more enjoyable than the first time. I am looking forward to tackling it again with you guys when I get back from Mountain Man!!

Doll said...

I like your three principals, they apply to most everything in life (especially #1). ;)
You're awesome.