Still Running!

Not too shabby for a Monday!
Monday I left work a little early and headed out on the Mountains to Sea Trail from Newport Beach towards Irvine. It's been crazy windy and cold here lately, so I intentionally set off into the wind knowing that my way back would be easier. The sun sets at 5pm sharp, so I  packed my Nathan hydration pack with water, arm warmers, headlamp, 2 E-Gels and a change of lenses in case it was windy and I needed my clear lenses in the dark. Seems like a bit of crap to carry with, but I'm a huge fan of being comfortable, particularly when I'm running or riding for an extended period of time. Simply put, the more comfortable I am, the more I can just focus on the task at hand. There are only 2 spots to get water along this section of the trail and I find it easier to just carry my own - no stopping and no fussing.

Under the 405 Fwy
Besides being out of work early (which is always sweet), it was absolutely beautiful out. Hardly anyone on the trail, bright blue skies, cooling winds, and I was running out with the sun at my back keeping my body temperature just right. The last outside run I did last week sucked so completely that I was in dire need of redemption. Granted it was a tempo run INTO the wind and said wind happened to be blowing around 20mph making my run a total nightmare. I pushed hard. I gave my all. And the wind handed me my ass, patted me on the head and sent me back home pouting. I was in luck on Monday, though, my long run went beautifully!

Running with the wind!
I've been consistently putting in the zone 1-2 runs which at first are completely boring. Shuffle, shuffle, jog, look at watch, heart rate too high, shuffle, etc... Yet, after a month, I've come to really enjoy them. Compared to the hill repeats, the tempo runs and the mile repeats, slow long runs are downright fun. I can actually enjoy the trip! I'm also super lucky to have this trail to run on. Some dirt, some asphalt, barely any concrete and no cars. I almost made it to my mom's house on foot - which I was pretty stoked about! I've been doing really well on the active recovery front as well - spending my lunch time foam rolling, using the TP Therapy stuff and working on some of my problem areas (tight calves which cause foot pain, tight hips which cause everything pain). My body has been recovering quickly and I am pretty much pain-free. The only thing that starts to bug is the pads of my feet (balls and toe pads) after about 90 minutes. Some new shoes coming tomorrow should help with that!

I have a touch of a cold so I'm resting for a few days, but it's worth it if I am better for the weekend! Fortunately my immune system is pretty healthy, so it can fight off these winter cooties without it being too unbearable. 
Just a quick few miles till home!
Stunning sunset over the bay

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice run

I am into zone 2 work right now, yes its boring, but at the same time, its kinda pleasant and nice