Something to Work Towards

"All things are difficult before they are easy." ~ Thomas Fuller

This weekend was a good lesson that what I lack in skill, speed and fitness I more than make up for in effort and attitude.



O'dark thirty I wake up to Adam telling me the alarm's going to go off in minutes. I usually wake up before it hits, due to our sweet little alarm/light/waker-upper-jobber but not today. Snoozefest, interupted. Lots of bitching ensues: grumble, pout, moan, it's cold, it's dark, wah, wah, wah *footstomp*. Regardless, I got dressed in my cold swimsuit and back in my sweats and headed out in the pre-dawn darkness to the pool.


Week #16 - Ocean Swimming

Finally I got back in the ocean again! I have avoided open water swimming since *cough* last September. I have a bit of a childish and gigantic sized fear of the ocean, things in the ocean and dying in the ocean. It's big. With the help of one of my training buddies who's an ocean lover (nut), I swam a whole mile! 


Surf City!

What fun! We did the whole thing!

Thierry (on the left) completed the full marathon (26.2mi) in fantastic time! Brad and I completed the longest run we've done - the half marathon (13.1mi). Everything went smoothly, we had a ton of fun, we chatted the whole way, and I'm feeling okay today.


Surf City 1/2 Marathon!

Let's just start by saying that I'm not a runner. Sure, I run, but I've got a handful of odd injuries and sore spots that keep me from running as much or as fast as I'd like. Oh, and a handful of extra pounds that slow me down as well. I didn't let that stop me from signing up for the Surf City Half in November. Yet, a crazy foot injury took me out of training for 3 weeks in December. Fortunately, my foot is 100% better, but my running program got thrown for an irrecoverable loop.


122 Day's Out

Welcome to OCD Land!

I don't start officially training with my online coach Rachel Casanta with Hypercat Racing until February 14th. She promised me that I would be ready for Alcatraz. Does she know I'm terrified of the ocean? That I am a slowpoke on my bike? That I run like a penguin? Really?! I'm aiming for survival, but she says I will finish, and finish well!.................