Oceanside 70.3 PRE-RACE

It's hard to believe the official start of race season is THIS Saturday!! Oceanside 70.3 is my first race of the year and I'm looking forward to it. It's a 1.2 mi swim in a mostly enclosed harbor, 56 mi bike that journeys up the coast then inland to Camp Pendleton Marine Base, up three notable hills and then back down to the beach (usually into the wind). To finish the race, there's a 13.1 mi (2 loop) run along the strand in Oceanside.

This will be my first triathlon being coached by Team FC/ Joby Gutierrez and I'm confident in my ability to follow the race plan. I've trained hard from the beginning of the year and I've done all I can do. I had a touch of a cold last week, but it wasn't too bad and I allowed my body to slow down and rest.

I got my new bike (finally!) and while there were a few kinks to iron out, she's race ready and absolutely amazing. I had no idea a bike could feel so completely built for me. It's a teeny tiny (47cm / 650c) Tri bike but it fits me perfectly and lets me lay out fully over the top tube. I'm glad I trusted my fitter (Jim Manton at FinalFit) because the bike feels so good! I've had a few rides on it and while I would have preferred a few more, I'm going to ride her in Oceanside.

My overall time will depend entirely on my bike time. I did the course on my road bike on a rainy day with an 11-23 cassette. That made the hills a wee bit challenging, so I think it will balance out with the 12-27 and double compact on the Tri bike. I'm also comfortable climbing in aero, and standing up climbing on the new bike so that laid my main concerns to rest. The swim I'm feeling pretty good about - I'll just have to see how I fare in the kick-a-thon that is a water start (as opposed to beach start). I feel okay about the run pacing I've got lined up too! Most of all, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a good time! My super-big-awesome-fun-fun-best-case-scenario goal is around 6 hours...but again, with so many variables, we'll see.

My goals are:
Swim 0:38-0:41
Bike: 3:07-3:15
Run: 2:10-2:13
Overall w Transitions: 6 hrs - 6:15 hrs

If you're coming out to the course, this is roughly what I'll be wearing - except saltier, sweatier, less smiley, more messy, frizzier hair, add a visor and possibly covered in a little pee. Wish me luck!!!


anna said...

I can see your six pack in that bottom pic. So slime line.

Jason said...

I am so fired up for you. You are going to rock that course and I bet you do better than that 6-6:15......

The bike is a beauty and good move getting the Speefil on there. You are set.

And oh that aero helmet is rocking.

Rose said...

Thanks Jason! We'll see!!!!